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Equipment for meat cows and buffalos

The equipment for this type of breeding are especially designed for keeping the animals at safe, avoiding any injury while assuring the movement and control operation in full safety. The boxes are suitable both for the grid floor and for the berth.

The fattening stable is defined by multiple boxes and their features, both in terms of relations between the width and the depth, and of grid or berth floor.


This equipment are apparently simple but they have great influence on the stable's functionality and, by consequence, on the management.


There is no ideal stable which fits all the situations, but several profiles of stable that, conveniently developped, can give the best answer to all the specific needs.


The different stable solutions adopted are evident, from those completely on bedding, to those with rest area on bedding and mechanized feeding area or on grid, to those on a completely gridded floor.


In all these possible solutions it is fundamental the choice of the type of the feeding racks, of the passages and of the gates that must allow the blocking of animals in the box portion assigned to them, so to suitably keep the bedding and control the movement of animals in full safety.