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Drinking equipment

The water supply is essential for the animal's physiological needs, and especially for the cows and the buffalos, as they need to restore also the losses due to the milk production.
Therefore it is basic to provide reliable drinking equipment that can preserve the quality of the drinking supply for the achievement of the breeding's goals.

DRINKING TROUGHS FOR FIX PLACES AND MULTIPURPOSE BOXES Made in high-quality cast iron and easy to clean. Available with spring valve or with balance valve.


CONSTANT-LEVEL DRINKING TROUGHS FOR CALVES- AND MULTIPURPOSE BOXES Provided with a floating valve to supply an adequate flow even with a low pressure.


CONSTANT LEVEL DRINKING TROUGHS It is the most used drinking tank now. It has connections for: adequate water supply, full level, end drain and with joints for an handy installation in the free housing stables. It can be filled straightly, by a floating valve or included in a constant level system. Available in 60x30cm for a single animal, or 100, 200, 300x40cm for the simultaneous drinking of many animals.


CONSTANT LEVEL OVERTURNING TANKS The constant level drinking tanks can be installed on a special support with an overturning device, which allows an easy and complete overturning, making easy the water change and the complete tank's clearing. Tanks available at lengths of 1, 2 and 3 m.


ANTIFROST DRINKING TANKS For the areas particularly exposed to cold weather conditions, there are insulated drinking tanks with closing floating ball for the water supply even with extremely low external temperatures. This solution requires a higher attention on the control of the hygienic level of the water in the tank. We suggest the use of a parallel system of tanks to be used during the periods of higher water demand from the animals. One or two drinking places available.