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Sheep and goat breeding equipment

The sheep and goat sector is now passing through a moment of transition and change. From its ancient and sheperds' habits, it is moving towards new more professional and organized requirements. Therefore the demands now are about innovative techniques, easy to apply, simple and prompt. These demands are even more prominent in the milk segment, in which the traditions are even more deep-rooted and steady, and in which it seems more important, on an economic basis, to reach the technologic and structural improvement at soonest, because of the strong potentiality of this sector.

Prefabricated structures for the realisation of the several shelters of the zootechnic center.


It is essential to carry out the various shelters and their sectors to ensure::

  • The best hygienic level
  • The best sanitary conditions
  • The ideal microclimatic conditions
  • Easy job organization
  • Easy control operations
  • Ideal dejections treatment
  • Respect of the environmental rules
  • Highest performances and efficiency