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Advanced zootechnic equipment

A proper air conditioning of the center assures the ideal environment to the animals and is essential for a successful breeding.

Systems for the automatic cleaning of the shelters and of the breeding sectors, with structures and plants for the ideal channeling, storage tanks and pits for the collection of percolation liquid and storage tanks for keeping the liquid parts of the dejections. Platforms for the collection of manure and of the solid parts, tanks and pits for the collection of percolation liquid and storage tanks for keeping the liquid parts of the dejections.

Corral with device for the animal blocking, to easen the control and herd management operations. Most recommended in large-dimensions centers to improve the functionality.

Box for rams.
Single boxes for birth, isolation and infirmary.

Drinking systems with troughs and tanks at constant level, fixed and adjustable in height, with the option for shock-absorber protection.

The paddock and the external training areas are extremely useful and recommended both with floor in concrete and with floor on natural ground. The metallic fences have to be equipped with suitable opening to allow the access for the machines.

The lambs' and kids' weaning is a very delicate phase, and in order to grant positive outcomes, it has to be carried out in a specific background, where the hygienic conditions are the best and the microclimate is ideal. There are two types: single boxes for the early weaning and multiple boxes for the weaning with automatic nursing machine.

The boxes for animals in breeding and replacement host the young animals from the weaning to the covering. It is convenient to place mobile fences in order to change the dimensions of the boxes according to the needs. The boxes for the males can be multiple for the young animals, while they have to be single for the adult animals and with comfortable dimensions and dispositions..

During all these years, the characteristic of the zootechnic structures and equipment have gained more and more relevance in relation with the development of zootechnic technologies more and more sophisticated, both for the animal welfare and and for job's organization, while according with every demand in terms of environmental rules.

Over-the-roof ventilation structure for a natural controller ventilation. Closing with windbreaks filter and shading mesh at different intensity, fixed or mobile. Frames for doors and lateral windows. Microclimatic conditioning with cooling, heating system and BIG FAN ventilation.