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Feeding equipment


A modern livestock operation has to include specific functional areas, with the proper dimensions equipment.

  • box for animals as per category
  • box for animals in breeding and replacement
  • rooms for milking parlour and services
  • waiting rooms for the milking and after
  • box for rams single and/or in group
  • box for birth, isolation, infirmary
  • box for weaning, single and/or in group
  • feed and hay storages
  • shelters for machines

Plants for the automatic feed convey. Especially fitted for the recovery and organization of spaces, and for the easy breeding management.

The intensive breeding is certainly the most interesting and advanced housing solution. It is a kind of permanent housing that requires rational and good mechanized shelters, to grant labour saving, easy management and control, high hygienic-sanitary level and performance.

Central feeding lanes with lateral boxes for animal in production and/or replacement, including self-capturing racks for animals with or without horns, racks with adjustable tubes, feeding trough for hay and feed, fences and gates for different boxes and for sorting and services passages.