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Biomethane and Biogas plants

In the last years, the development of systems for the production of electrical energy based on the exploitation of renewable sources has been highly improved. Today, biogas is certainly one of the renewable sources with the highest remuneration. Thanks to the new rules for the energetic self-handling, to the acknowledgement of the value of energy from renewable sources, to the new incentives as well as the most efficient and tested plant technologies, today it is possible to produce Biogas for the cogeneration of heat and energy at extremely favourable conditions. The cogeneration of electrical and thermal energy from Biogas offers clear advantages, both in the energetical and environmental ground, and represents an appealing earning as considerable diversification and integration of the agricultural income. The cogeneration with production and sell of energy and thermal recycling must be seen as an interesting production factor and conveniently inserted in the breeding as a whole, in particular when it is necessary to provide works or plants to fulfil the more and more pressing restrictions related to the waste treatment.

The aim is to promote biogas as renewable souorce, highlighting the technological and regulatory elements, allowing the view of a realistic and useful picture of the use of biogas inside the modern zootechnical practice.