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This technique separates the solid elements found in the liquid manure to get a solid fractjion to be used on the soils or for the fertilization.
The separation is obtained by let the liquids pass continously through the meshes of a rotating cylinder. The system is provided with squeezing external rubber rolls and internal rolls which press the manure in entry and aid the dewatering of the solid fraction which remains on the external surface of the screen. Then, this solid fraction is removed by gravity.
The separation efficiency is strongly influenced by the content of the solid parts in the liquid manure, by the dimensions of the holes of the screen and by the capacity of liquid manure in entry.

- Easy management (less clogging during the pumping action);
- Good fluidization which allows the adoption of less powerful equipment and better mixing level;
- Lower phosphorous content;
- Lower volume (lower storage capacity);
- Reduction of dirt on the foliage;
- Reduction of NH3 emissions tank to a faster infiltration in the surface layer of the soil;
- The solid fraction can be used as amendment.