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Service and analysis LAB



Chemical and spectroscopic analysis (NMR) of organic matrices: the organic biomass and digestates are characterized by determination of their content of total component solid (TS), volatile solids (VS), total nitrogen (TKN) and ammonia (NH4+), fatty acids volatile (TVFA). It also develops a bromatology analysis to determine the fiber content and the NMR spectroscopy of the organic substance. ABP Test (Anaerobic Biogasification Potential): direct determination of biogas potential that develops from some organic matrix.. S.O.U.R. test: respirometric tests to determinate the quality and digestibility of the organic substance contained in a matrix. Digestates analysis: statistical approach to main components (PCA) about chemical and spectroscopic data Test CSTR digesters: laboratory tests about digestion process.
Modulation of the processes parameters (HRT, OLR, ph, TVFA, NH4+, ecc.). Production of Bio-Hydrogen Test:
evaluation of the productivity of bio-hydrogen of organic matrices. CSTR BI-stadio test digesters: laboratory test about
digestion process. Process parameters modulation (HRT, OLR, ph, TVFA, NH4+, ecc.)

The convenience of a biogas implant is closely related to the stability of the process that is the result of different combination of materials that are fed into the digester: sewage of animal origin, raw materials of agricultural origin, products of agro-industries..
In order to maximize the biogas yields of materials for digestion our team is able to perform fermentation tests to measure, quantitatively and qualitatively, the biogas yield of different substrates to determine some critical points consisting of process inhibitors of growth of the microorganisms involved in the process of production of biogas and to assess the potential of the material subjected to digestion. 

Assistance to biological processes so developed, might adapt perfectly to every customer's needs, with the assurance that our experts will be able to intervene quickly if necessary to resolve any problems before they cause more serious consequences.

Through our laboratory it will be able to perform in-depth analysis that allow timely assistance about biological processes and the establishment of adequate power plan for digester.

Tools of gas chromotography for the qualitative analysis of the biogas composition and tools for bromotological analysis..

The laboratory analysis specialized in this way, will properly assess the different aspects of all biological and physical-chemical treatments that allow the maximum energy of the various renewable energy sources and the activation of all processes involved and connected to them.

The correct evaluation of the individual components as well as the process stability, allow to maximize the fullload hours of implant operation and to increase the yields and the profit..


Our laboratory analysis, with appropriate equipments, specializes in the field of Ecological, Environmental and Agronomic. A highly qualified staff, thanks to its human and materials resources, is an importance reference point for the correct product evaluation and chemical and biological processes. Determination and laboratory analysis of ideals mixtures; monitoring of process parameters and the content and quality of organic matters in digesters; determination of the process yield in terms of biogas; optimization of yield and parameters through the support of clinical laboratory testing.


About the maintenance, that if not properly organized could become a critical factor for systems functionality, no problem: our structure of technical assistance for the electromechanical part, thanks to 50 years of studies, is widely distributed in the area with specialized and constantly updated personnel. The widespread distribution and storage business in the territory supplied always provide quicker and cheaper wich together with construction standards for dependability will guarantee the results superior to 8000 hours/year.

In this we are able to offer a package of services highly professional and specialized:

• Biological plant start up assistance
• Assistance programs to reach the maximum production
• Planned analysis of chemical and biological parameters
• Monitoring of the fermentation process to ensure high performance over time
• Professionalism to ensure optimal system performance
• Estimates of the individual product potential and practical advice about nutrition
• Optimization in combinations of various substrates
• Selection of the correct co ferments power implant
• Assistance in emergency management and/or critical situations
• Phone support
• Assistance at your implant
• Particular and specific chemical analysis
• Individual advice
• Practical advice
• Prevention actions
• Therapies and emergency measures

When we talk about SERVICE, Rota Guido intends a support and a constant coaching to its customer.
Developing with him the logistic and economic feasibility analysis, we recommend choices taking care of the design and construction in compliance with all technical features, sizing competently fermenters, pumps, loading and heating systems, equipments for thermal support, we evaluate the most correct cogeneration plants choosing command and control systems.

All components are designed and developed by our technical staff equipped with the most advanced human and technological resources.
A biogas implant is a great challenge for us! For this, we will always with you both when the system is completed and during start up system, as well as the subsequent maintenance of the highest level of efficiency.
Our engineers will support and help you in these difficult stages to ensure maximum result as soon as possible, ensuring the highest competence and experience.
We guarantee a precision monitoring and control constant for constantly monitoring all processes and returns the system and the process and guarantee you a constant check and a timely and targeted intervention. The biogas implant is 'alive', whose knowledge and proper management are essential to ensure maximum profitability.