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Authorization procedure

With the procedure as for D. Lgs. 387/2003 that is following the conference of services as by art. 12 clause 3, announced to the managing authority, the approval for the plant can be obtained by action.
In particular, the D.Lgs 387/2003 "Realization of the decision 2001/77/EC about the
promotion of electric energy produced from renewable sources in the home marked of
electricity" aims to promote a higher contribution to the renewable sources inside the
italian and community market; promote measures for reaching the National approximate targets as per art. 3, clause 1; help the creation of settlements for a future community ground concerning the development of electric microgeneration from renewable souorces, especially for the use in agricultural and in the mountain areas.

Authority D.Lgs. 387/2003
Friuli Venezia Giulia
Emilia Romagna

Conference of services

- Called within 30 days from the request
- invitation only for the Administration that should have issued an act of approval
- only one representant for all the decisions concerning each Administration
- last expiring date: 180 days
- announcement of the start of the expropriation's procedure
- explanations and additional documents can be requested only a single time
- possibility to ask for a verification of the examination
- has inquiry character
- Justified dettermination considering the principal positions expressed.
- Tacital approvali s valid if the will is not definitely expressed

Building Procedure

The regional urban law and the council PRG are the base of the building permission, with which the structures of the
plant (digestors, silos, fertilizer strage, tanks, rooms for the cogeneration installation, etc.) are approved; however, the
building prodedure does not give the authorization to the energetic management of the plant, being this ruled by the
D.Lgs. 387/2003 "Realization of the decision 2001/77/CE concerning the promotion of electric energy from renewable
sources in the home market of electricity".
Therefore it is necessary to present the executive project at the municipality in which territory the installation is planned in order to obtain the Building permission. The documents required are the graphic plans with their technical relation. Then the municipality will demand further documents and will pass the procedure to the other Regional and Provincial
Authorities. For plants with nominal power < 250 kWe it is sufficient to inform the municipality about the starting of works (after a control at the same municipality).

UTF Notification (Technical office of finance)

Maybe it is not always necessary, it depends on the Provincial Authority involved.
The exemption from tax can be allowed according to the gas system used in case of bi-fuel motors.

Provincial Authorization for environment

Demand of installation according to D.Lgs n. 387 of 29th December 2003.
Particular authorizations required for further explanations about the evaluation of the influence on the environment;
Note: the demands for these authorizations can vary according to the Provincial Authority involved.
For small plants, focused on the self-use of electric and thermal energy, it is not always necessary the authorization for the emission of exhaust gas in the air;

Executive project of the electric plant placed after the generator
Concerning the transformation cab and the extra electrical works.
Law obligation 37/08. This project must be draw up by an authorized technician;

Enel technical procedure

It is the plan of the electric system for the connection with the distribution net. The net operator, after an inspection,
draws the STMD (Minimal technical solution of detail) that must be assumed by the subject that makes the request, as a reference solution for the planning and realization of the net system for the connection.

Safety Plan

According to the D.Lgs 494/96 the technician in charge of the execution of the building works must provide the Safety
Plan of the site;

Procedure for the prearranged FW (Fire Watchers) acceptation

According to the DPR 16/02/82 all the certificates concerning the Activity 1about the plants for gas production and the
Activity 64 about the electrogen groups, must be submitted. The standard procedure involves the presentation of the
project at the FW technical office.