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Micro climatic control

Several climatic aspects, as temperature, relative dampness, speed and quality of air, presence of toxic gas and dust and the non-climatic factors, such as the type and density of the boxes, work together and condition the level of the animals' welfare, together with the total out come of the breeding.

The natural ventilation is a system that can find a convenient application in shelters where the concentration of the animals is not excessive.

Forced ventilation grants volume exchances and the required conditions regardless of the outdoor weather conditions. It is the solution to be preferred all the times that the mainteinance of precise micro climatic conditions are essential to avoid sudden thermic changes and to grant the positive outcome of the breeding. 

The heating of the shelters is necessary for the maintenance of a sufficient thermic level, most of all in the most delicate sectors as birth and growth, when the warmth produced by the animals is no more enough to counterbalance the loss from the surfaces of the shelter and from ventilation.