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Trisort: the revolution in pigs fattening

What is Trisort ? 

The Trisort system is a sorting weighing computerized machine installed inside a pigs box that manages the dimensions of the group and allows the breeding of many pigs with the same body dimensions.

Why choosing the breeding technique with Trisort system ? :

The Trisort system is a real innovation in the breeding in the last 30 years. The breeder is used to work with boxes organized for the growing of pigs with no more than 25 pigs inside. This application is forced by the need to visually control the animals during the one feeding , that is the only moment in which the operator can really check the welfare of his animals, their weight, and in which he can choose and manually move the animals according to their weight on a daily basis.
With Trisort the pens can host 250 /300 animals in a single group, as the machine weighs the single animal on a daily basis, establishing its weight, controlling the correct growing graph and sorting it in a recovery box in case the animals is judged underweight.
At the end of the day the system will show the actual situation of the box, identifying how many animals are in and the weight of every single pig; this way, the group is managed always on the same level, with positive benefits on the pigs welfare and saving on feedings. Trisort will decrease every working day the difference between the weight of the group from the first day (in fact, the pigs usually charged in the fattening area have a weight going from 28 to 35kg, equal to an average delta of 7 kg ) , with TRISORT the gap between the heaviest pig and the lightest one at no more than 300 gr. the day of the loading for the slaughter. This aspect is essential for a breeder, in order to reach these results for the compensation of the prizes from the contracts with the slaughters

Which feeding technique is used by Trisort?:

The Trisort system can equally work with a dry feeding or with a liquid feeding, a sit is equipped with a computer on board, which allows both solutions. If there is a Rota Guido liquid feeding system, Trisort can interface with the kitchen and control the feeding phases, by correcting the quantities and times, according to the actual needs of the pen and the appetite of the group.

How much surface is necessary for each animal in this system?:

The installation of Trisort does not imply any variation of the surfaces, so the area indicated in the current rules on animals' welfare of 1 mq for one animal at the weight of 160 kg is kept the same. Therefore, it is possible to mount this solution both in new projects and in the renovation of old housing.

Should be placed more equipment than the traditional system?:

By the taking off of the old pen system of 20/25 animal each, and changing to the management of 250/300 animals, all the intermediate fences and the troughs are eliminated. We can calculate a reduction of about 55% of the equipment with the Trisort system compared to the traditional 

How much does Trisort cost compared to the old traditional system?:

Being stated that the surfaces are the same, so the building costs of the housing stays the same, the dry or liquid feeding plants are the same regarding the development or the number of valves, the interior equipment are reduced. So we can declare that the investement stays the same for each animal, between the traditional system and the new and revolutionary Trisort system.

Are the use and the service difficult to carry out?:

The system works by compressed air and is fed at 220 volt , and is totally made in stainless steel, easy and very evident in its use even for the older generations, as it reflects and repeats the idea and the work that has always been made manually, but with the advantage to substitute in many cases the insufficient qualification of the workers in the breeding.

How can a pig with problems be sorted in a box this big?:

The machine has a system of spray marking which allows the marking of a certain animal that shows particularly underweight and with severe growth difficulties, in order to easily identify it among the group.

I have heard coughing, how can I vaccinate with Trisort?:

With the old system, I should have vaccination phases in the room with at least 2 operators and physically fight in the pens to get the pigs in group and vaccinate every single animal. With Trisort you only need to group together the animals in the feeding area and set the machine on vaccination mode. For the time needed for the vaccination the weighing machine will work as unsorting machine and will introduce the single animal to the operator to be injected. Therefore the operation will only take a few minutes and will be carried out in safety and without stress both for the animal and for the operator.