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Equipment for loose housing

Motorized machine with multipurpose equipment and screw to drive the feeding portion close to the animal.

Foraging lane with self-capturing racks, anti-chocking, anti-stress, noise-proof and with selective block device for each.

The particular shapes and dimensions of the neck, head and horns, are often an obstacle to the adoption of the self-capturing racks. Good results can be reached with the adoption of two-lines racks, the lower of which is mobile and adjustable in height. The lower line has to be placed forward in order to assure a more correct position during the feeding and to avoid any injury to the animal.

Especially suitable for animals with horns, that would find very difficult to get in a traditional type of rack.

It is essential to allow an easy and smooth control of the animals, assuring the opportunity to block them during the periodic operations of control and treatment.
Then, it offers a more relaxed permanence during the feeding, while reducing stressful hierarchic phenomenons, as well as a more constant and homogeneous intake.
The peculiarity of Rota Extra rack with selective block device for each single animal allows to keep captured only the animals that need treatment, leaving the rest of the herd free, with many advantages in terms of animal welfare. The anti-choking device allows the opening and leaves the head of the animal free to get out in the bottom part, avoiding, in case of fall, the animal's strangulation. 

Foraging and feeding equipment

The efficiency of the free housing is linked to the arrangement of the several elements that make its body.
It is particularly evident that the different distribution of the lanes, the passages between the lanes, the drinking tanks, the feeding front and the rest areas has a strong influence on the stable's well-balanced disposition and on the results achieved.

Therefore, the proper construction of the various equipment is the essential element, even if not enough, to grant the complete achievement of the work; to reach a full success, it will be necessary to consider also the correct disposition of the areas, as well as the animals' movements and needs.

A brilliant solution where saving space is essential

To grant the best hygienic conditions and the best preservation of the feeding portion



The use of properly planned feeding lanes and berths made in concrete, it is not necessary to build further the self-supporting prefabricated structures.

The feeding lane and the supporting wall for the rack can be built with prefabricated pieces that, once suitably reinforced, can be a support also for the feeding lane.
The berth's basements can be built in prefabricated concrete and, once suitably reinforced can also be a support for the covering of the rest area. The berth's basements can be "tank-like" for the management of berths with bedding, or "flat-floor" for the adoption of carpets or mattresses.


Solution for the correct bedding treatment

The adoption of self-blocking mattresses solves the problem of the sand's spillage from the bedding or from the berths while respecting the animal comfort.
It also grants a safe and continuous support, leaving the animal free to raise without struggle and reducing the risk of wounds and injuries.


Especially planned for the correct laying of the mattresses and for maximum safety and comfort for the animal


The degree of space occupied in the berths depends, beyond the correct dimensions which form an essential element of this solution, on the ground's structure, on its softness and on the design of the partitions. The ideal match of these factors assures a proper use by the animal, with all the advantages in terms of hygiene and cleanliness, in terms of better milk quality and by speeding the milking operations. 

The partition has to be conceived to ensure the correct positioning during the rest, while granting the maximum comfort to the animal. 

The range of partitions for berth (ROTA STANDARD AND ROTA COMFORT) can satisfy the different types of housing, with bedding or with mattress, and the different types and sizes of animals.

Partitions Rota comfort- and supercomfort-type for cows and buffalos.


NOVITÀ "BATTIFIANCO BOOMERANG" Brevetto n° CR2007A00022 del 07/09/2007

Patent n° CR2007A00022 del 07/09/2007

The new "BOOMERANG SUPERCOMFORT PARTITION" is based on a totally innovative concept of partition, completely different from all other types known and used today expressly studied and patented in order to remove all the characteristic disadvantages of the traditional partitions for berth. 

This partition is a containment element made in tube of 3" diam. Properly fixed on the ground by a supporting anchor, fixed or mobile. The mobile fixing element allows the partition to follow the shape of the animal according to its group and/or size.
Both the fixed and the mobile solution of the partition "BOOMERANG" are installed with a frontal flexible "training" tube, that hangs to a separate support by a system that allows a good oscillation.

There are several advantages offered by this new type of partition for berth and in particular the fixing device allows to fix the "Boomerang" shaped tubes directly to the support on the ground, tank to a device that can be adjusted by the different ages and sizes of the animals, with the opportunity to have a graduated inclination.
If compared to the standard solutions, with this special partition, less invasive, the animals have more freedom, a higher visibility and a greater mobility on the sides, a better comfort, as they can also lay and rise without shocks or injuries. The training flexible tube, easy to adjust, is another element of lesser impact for the animal and allows an adjustment based on the real dimensions of the animals hosted, and follows them during the growth, avoiding any trauma. All these advantages do not interfere with another important aspect, that is the cleanliness of the berth's bottom, on the contrary, the choice to "calibrate" partition and training tube to the actual animals' dimensions assures that the animals defecate outside the berth, so to have a better hygene and safety for the whole animal. 

More comfort, more cleanliness and less shocks leave the animal free to stay in the berths for longer, with levels of rest and, by consequence, more bnefits for the animal's health, it's productive performances and saving time in the management of the stable. 



Especially interesting is the solution with berths for the post-weaning and replacement period. The animals seems to like this solution, as they learn to occupy from the beginning the berths for them. To obtain an effective result in this phase of the breeding, the partitions must be installed on adjustable structures, so they can be easily settled by the real dimensions of the animals.


A wide range of carpets and mattresses can offer the ideal solution for any breeding and microclimatic condition. By our experience, the ideal mattress has to feature the following characteristics:

  • softness
  • good resilience
  • disinfectant
  • resistance

ROTA SOFTY-MATTRESS is the new mattress designed and developed for Rota Guido S.r.l. It is a new concept of mattress for berths, made with a very soft base and a special covering sheet. The base is composed of a single mattress for each single berth, with a specific density that matches ideal softness and high shock resistance. Thanks to the high resilience, it takes the shake of the animal under its pressure, while regaining its original conformation once the weight is taken away. The covering is made by a single wrap, especially designed, that represents the surface in contact with the animal, which has the features to be shock-resistant and acid-proof, crushproof, watherproof, with a self-cleaning surface abrasive degree, to avoid injuriy from rubbing. 

With regards to the stable's dimensions, the feeding technique, the size of the groups and the type of management chosen, the berths can be placed at 2, 3, 4, o 6 lanes and isposed head-to-head of tail-to-tail. 

Multipurpose motorized machine for berth's management.
With a single move it clan the back side of the berths while delivering the upper layer of the bedding.

"Rota Softy Mattress" are the guarantee for the best sanitary conditions and for the animal's comfort.


They have to meet with many different requests, therefore it is necessary to grant their best employment flexibility. Their importance is essential in all the zootechnic centres with a modern organization, where boxes for steaming-up, birth, infirmary, post-birth starter, and bull boxes are to be planned.

BIRTH AND INFIRMARY BOX They are usually designed to host single animals or small groups. The opportunity to block the animal in the rest or in the feeding area is very useful to help the management and to settle the animals and the bedding. 


The box for the bull has to be provided with an angle feeding trough, with capture and passage. The arrangement of the cover place is essential to ensure the execution of management's operations in full safety.


This equipment are apparently simple but they have great influence on the stable's functionality and, consequently, the management

The building features and the dimensions are to be planned not only according to the animal's mass, but most of all considering the peculiar needs of the farm and its operating routine. 

The fence and the fixed or opening gates, in particolar situations, can be designed and realised with specific solutions to improve the functionality of the breeding. Particularly interesting are, for instance, the passages in the gates, the hand or motorized crossing gates, sash-gates, reinforced passages etc.

Crossing passages with shock absorbers
Motorized sash gates
Fences at 2, 3, 4 and 5 tubes for passage lanes and paddock
Fences at 2, 3, 4 and 5 tubes for passage lanes and paddock

The need to manage the buffalos breeding with more rational organization, has lead to the realization of structures more and more similar to the cows' ones, but always keeping in mind that the substantial differences of morphology and behaviour between the two breeds requires the arrangements of specific structures. 

The difficulty to block the buffalos in the rack calls for the adoption, in the buffalos zootechnic centre, of a "corral" which allows to carry on all the control operations on the animals with full safety for the worker.

The corral suitably designed following the farm's peculiarity, has a proper "capturing place" with a special trap. At the end of the control operations on the animal, it can easily set free without any forced movement.