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The control of the high summer temperatures, especially with low dampness in the outdoor air, can be conveniently reached using the temperature's reduction, caused by the evaporation.

For extraction plants:
- evaporation panels to be placed in the openings for air entry;
- vaporization of water in the corridor for collection of the renewable air.

For pressure plants:
- humidification of renewable air in adiabatic tank and its diffusion in the rooms;
- centrifugal machine, to be installed outdoor or in the ventilation tunnel.

CombiCool is a computerized plant designed for the cooling, humidification and wetting by high-pressure nebulization.
It can be used to humidify air in the pigs' stall, ensuring an ideal humidity, and also reducing the formation of dust and therefore increasing the animals' welfare. The plant can also be used for a previous cleaning before the complete cleaning.
The special nozzles made in stainless steel are characterized by slow interval passages, but by a very high speed of nebulization, so to create a very fine fog that distributes homogenously on the whole area.