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Artificial ventilation for the milking areas (cows, buffalos, sheeps and goats)

The fans in the milking cowsheds can reduce the stress due to the heat, thanks to the increase of the air's speed at the level of the animals. The installation options are:

- At wall, in this case they can affect also the volumes of air change.
- The inside the shelters, where their action is particularly positive.
- The feeding area.
- The rest area.

To enhance the effect produced by ventilation, it is necessary to adopt a cooling system for the animals. The experience has shown that the most efficient solution is to wet the animals intermittently.
By the programmed alternation of the water valves opening with the ventilation system, it is possible to take away the heat from the animals through evaporation, causing a higher feed consumption and a high stress reduction.

It is important to plan the equipment of conditioning systems in the waiting rooms, where, on the basis of specific situations, there are specifical solutions such as the simple ventilation or the cooling of the animal with direct water or with cooling system, that, thanks to a special impeller, can micronize the water, with cooling effect on the whole space inside the housing, avoiding severe stress phenomenon, which lead immediately to a reduced production.

The Rota Guido Big Fan offer a remarkable advantage for the animals' welfare, as with their big capacity, they can evenly spread the air on the whole animal's body, with positive effects both on the milk production and on fertility.


Another important aspect that gives great benefit sto the animal is the "selective wetting" system for each animal, which is activated only while the animal is eating, so to induce it to take more feed, reducing the lack of appetite, which is a typical effect of the heat stress.