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Pumping stations

Pipes and joints made in PVC, in stainless steel or in hot galvanized steel, for the vehiculation and treatment of the liquids in the pre-tank up to the further treatments and from there to the final storage.

Vertical lacerating cardanic pumps or with electric motor outside the liquid surface. Lacerating pumps for thick liquids and liquids containing straw, with motor outside the surface of submerged. High capacity pumps for flushing preset for the insertion in the washing circuit in the lanes of in the waiting areas.


Stairs, small balconies, footpaths and latticeworks, for the access to the equipments installed for the visual control of the storage stage. They are available in hot galvanized steel or stainless steel, serial or designed for special projects to be applied in every type of tank.

The dejections can be treated with triturating electric submersible pumps, lacerating pumps with motor outside the liquid surface for thick liquids and liquids with straw or lacerating pumps with motor outside the liquid surface for fluid liquids.

It includes all the necessary equipment for the lifting and the transfer of the liquids to the storage or to the furthere treatment stages. The main element is the pump with its particulars 
of capacity, head, power and equipment, for the several special operations which, if properly dimensioned and inserted in the plant, offers the necessary reliability, as it is designed to treat a particularly difficult matter, because of the variations of the solid content and the high corrosivity on the materials. Available pumps with cardanic or electric motorization.

Power takeoff pumps for the fertilizing irrigation, distribution with pivot system.