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Mixing stations

It is the preliminary treatment and it is necessary for a proper agronomic action. It is indispensable for:

  • maximum reduction of the lenght of the fibrous materials like straw, hay, etc.);
  • crumbling of the solid agglomerate (hardpan of the surface layer etc.);
  • making the liquid homogeneous;
  • avoiding the clogging of the transport pipeline;
  • reducing the problems of sedimentation and mixing in the storage.

For this treatment, there areequipments operated by power takeoff of the tractor or with their own electric motorization.

Cardanic power takeoff mixers for storage tanks on the ground or laying underground.

Electric mixers for pits under grilled floor and power takeoff 'Slalom' type mixers for larger pits under the grilled floor.

Electric mixers for pits under the grilled floor

Agitators – shredders with external or submersed electric motorization.
They are designed for the realization of fix plants automatically manageable, with programmable control boards