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Fertilization systems

Fertilization is a controlled biological process for the mineralization and the partial humidification of the organic matter that is performed with the presence of oxygen.
It is different from the natural process of decomposition of the organic matter, for which we have several natural examples (forest bedding, manure), for what concerns the higher speed of development and the remarkable heating production.
The final product (compost) has the typical physic and chemical features o fan amendment, features which varies according to the duration of the process (maturity level).
It is an interesting practical solution in those areas where the excessive load of zootechnic detection for each surface unity pushes to search for solutions that offer a more manageable product both in the farm and outside, that is easier to be transported.

Glasshouse with hot galvanized steel structure and with covering and insulation made with transparent plastic material, with fertilizing system with reactor treatment and horizontal ditch, equipped with automatized composting turners, with sliding on railways placed on the top of the side walls of the reactor.

Fertilization with "grinder-windrowing" truck for the fertilizing treatment on large uncovered areas.

Sorting, cutting and packing of the fertilizer.