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Management accessories

Accessory for labour, especially useful for young sows, it allows the right position for the sow and a safe support for the boar. 

The place for the seed's drawing is for the correct development of the operations to get the seed's samples.

The feeding trolleys are available with 3 or 4 full or inflatable wheels, in galvanized steel, stainless steel or fiber glass, and in several dimensions and capacities. The trolleys for piglets allow the comfortable tran sport of the piglets from the birth to the weaning area and they are available with fixed or openable sides for the loading and unloading of the animals.

The trolley for the transport of the deads and it is made with inflatable wheels and equipped with winch and rope to make the loading operations easy.

The loading ramps are available in hot galvanized steel with mechanical or hydraulic adjustable height and in different lenghts.