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Liquid feeding plans

All the demands in terms of feeding technology and breeding's management are satisfied with the computerized liquid feeding distribution plants. A wide range of types and technologies can satisfy the most peculiar demands even of the most qualified breeder.

The liquid feeding plants prepare the food automatically according to the energetic needs, starting from the basic components or from complete feedings, with the opportunity to use also by-products and, by consequence, to reduce the costs of the portions.

Liquid feeding with Callmatic 

In the liquid feeding system on demand controlled by the computer, the pigswill starts to run in the pipe line at the top of the feeding station. The system detects the sow that has not taken the feed, the valve opens and the set up quantity goes in the troughs.
This process is repeated until the sow has taken its portion. A sensor in the distribution tank signals when the tank is empty, then a new ration is mixed.
After the feeding time, the tank is automatically washed. There is also the opportunity to distribute two different type of feeding with a second tank and a second circuit.


The ideal plant for the liquid feeding for piglets in post-weaning period

HydroJet is a plant for the liquid feeding for piglets, it is equipped with sensors, controller by computer, and it can distribuite many little portion of fresh feed for several times a day, so to reduce drastically the losses. 
The warm liquid feed, obtained by a constant regulation of the temperature through feeding curves (multi-phase), is delivered to the trough and dosed by means of compressed air, without leaving residues in the mixing tank and in the pipes.


The feeding, before being distributed to the piglets, can be subjected, in a separate tank, to fermentation, in order to offer a more digestible feed to the animals, thanks to its high concentration of lactic acid, a low ph level and pre-digested amids, to easily reach weight increases and more healty piglets.