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Growth/fattening area

It hosts pigs of 25-35 kg up to the final weight, that is for a particularly long period (6-7 months), during which the demands in terms of space and of microclimatic conditions change considerably.

The equipment for the growing-fattening area essentially consist of barriers to bound the boxes and the feeding troughs.
The fences fot the box's partition can be fully closed, or fully opened or with just a closed base. The choice depends on the easy way to visually control the animals, their movements, the opportunity to make further transformations without difficult and expensive building works, and the opportunity to place them as partition on the double troughs and to fix them on structures even when the animals are in.

The troughs are available for the dry feeding, with stainless steel or PVC hoppers for a non-stop feeding of flour or pellet feed, at single or multiple place, or for the liquid feeding in trough.
The troughs are in stainless steel, of any length and single or double with one or two channels. For the installation, the ideal solution is to fix them in the concrete or by blocking them with joints with stainless steel brackets.