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Boar area – stimulation and first pregnancy phase

It is the sector that hosts the boars in specific boxes and the sows in stimulation, heat, covering and first pregnancy phase in single crates especially designed to make easy the management and control operations for the breeder.

In this sector the equipment are basically composed by single crates and boxes for group of sows and for boars. The crate is peculiar not just for its dimensions, width, length and height, but also for the many elements of which it is composed and in particular:
- flooring: the frontal side is in concrete while the back side, for about 80-100 cm., is gridded and can be realized with elements in reinforced concrete or in stainless steel or covered in PVC.
- perimetral fences: the barriers, or partitions, on the sides can be in raw, galvanized or stainless steel, with vertical or horizontal bars in various shapes according to the use required. The gate in the back side can be "blind" or "opened" by the presence of gridded floors in the back side corridor and the need to reach easily the sow.
- type of the feeding trough: it depends on the type of feeding, dry or liquid, and on the possibility to place feeding plants