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Birth area

In this area the animals spend the most delicate phase of their life. The combination of breeding equipment and technologies have their highest development in this area, influencing not just the zootechnic results, but also the number of vital piglets, with a significant effect on the success of the whole breeding.

The type of crates, as distintive equipment in this sector, has to be choosen keeping in mind the zootechnic aspects as well as the building features and the dimension of the stable.
The "straight" solution, for instance, is proper for the birth and the nursing phase, while during the weaning phase it is better to adopt the "diagonal" solution, that is the disposition of the sows according to the diagonal in the crane place.
Recently, as the animal activists have claimed the fact that the animals are bound and inhibited in their natural behaviour, a new type of housing is born, that is the permanence of the sow "in the crate" just for few days after the birth, while, in the nursing period, the sow is free to move as the piglets are protected by barriers and by escape corridors.

Apart from the disposition of the saw, the crate is characterized by some main components:
Type of the perimeter fences, of the barriers of the sow place, of the different troughs for sow and piglets, of the nest, of the water and electric systems on crate's edge and of the type of flooring.
In fact, the flooring often makes the difference, as it is a crucial element for the animals' comfort, for a good level of cleanliness and for the highest reduction of the squeezing phenomenons.