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Micro climatic control

The heating of the housings is necessary to keep an ideal thermic level, especially in the most delicate sectors such as birth and growth, when the heat from the animals is not enough to counterbalance the heating loss from the housing's surfaces and from ventilation.

Forced ventilation grants air changes and the required weather conditions regardless the weather outdoor. Therefore it is the solution to be chosen every time that is essential to keep stationary weather conditions.

Natural ventilation is an ideal system where the concentration of animals is not eccessive, and where the animals are rather adults, as they are less sensitive to the weather changes.

Many weather aspects, such as the temperature, the relative dampness, the air's speed and quality, the presence of toxic gas and dust and other features, such as the type and density of the boxes, and their interactions affects the level of the animals' welfare and the total breeding outcome.

The control of the summer high temperatures (through cooling) can be conveniently obtained by the temperature's fall caused by evaporation. All the factors which influence the quality of the indoor conditions should be kept in mind while planning the layout of the project.