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The mainteinance of a suitable thermal level is essential when the heating produced by the animals is not enough to balance the heating loss from the housing surfaces and from the ventilation. During the winter this situation occurs frequently in the areas for birth and weaning and sometimes even in the pregnancy area, due to the low concentration of animals in these sectors.

Among the different heating system, the most common provides the centralized production of hot water with the installation of radiators or unit heaters in every room, so to control the heat distribution in each area indipendently. 
The use of finned tubes or delta tubes made in aluminium alloy is very interesting, as it ensure an easy cleaning, easy installation and versatility, as they can be used both for the pre-heating of air in the corridors, and directly in the rooms, where they pass the heat by convention and by radiancy.

Heating devices operating with methane or LPG, for which no air passage ways are required, ensure a good yield at convenient costs without heat loss.