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Artificial ventilation for the meat areas (pigs, poultry and rabbits)

The air change are granted, whatever the outdoor climatic conditions. Therefore it is the ideal solution when it is necessary to maintain well defined microclimatic conditions and to avoid sudden thermal changes, in order to grant the positive outcome of the breeding.
This is particularly important in the areas where the animals must spend their most delicate periods, such as birth and weaning. The air change can be reached both "in pressure"' (or positive pressure or immission), and in depression (or negative pressure or extraction); both the solutions have specific features to be carefully considered before making a choice.

The air change is granted by the ventilating fans which create a light depression in the housing, provoking the immission of air from the outdoor, which enters by suitable opening distributors.

The vent chimneys with air intake both from under the pit and from the room, allow the proper air change even in large housing. The adoption of false ceillings made in micro-drilled fiber glass model 'Diff-air' and/or wings with properly adjusted openings for the air entry ensures an absolutely homogeneous atmosphere.

The whole conditioning system is controlled by computer, ensuring the proper mainteinance of the microclimatic parameters. The computer is equipped with an emergency system, witch operates automatically in case of blackout or thermal defects.