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Vehiculation in pigs' farming

The solutions for the removal of the zootechnic dejections from the pigs' shelters are essentially: 

Continuous overflowing.
The most solid fraction of the dejections, that floats thanks to the gases produced by the anaerobic fermentation, flows on the liquid layer underneath, up to the verge of the overflowing.

Recirculation by pumping the liquid dejections conveniently treaded in the canne under the gridded flooring. 

Cyclic emptying.
It is the collection of the liquid slurry produced in the pits for a short period of time and in their periodic removal as soon as they reach a quantity sufficient to ensure the movement of all the mass. This is important in order to avoid the permanence, on the pit's bottom, of an excessive quantity of residues, for which it could be necessary a direct intervention for the removal.

Mechanic removal by scraper.
The installation of a mechanical scraper on the bottom of the pit ensures the removal of the dejections which are surely 'fresh'. This could represent an interesting solution when there is need to make further treatments of energetic recovery and for the reduction of toxic gas in the rooms.

Plant for dejections' removal by scrapers under gridded floor..

Pigsties with dejection removal by Vacuum system.