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Separation station

Worm screw separator including:

  • screw made in special steel.
  • stainless steel cylinder for selection and division.
  • draining cone with sospended load and with values range scale.
  • fixing frame for installation on the ground or on a mobile footstall.
  • T entry
  • exhaust mouthpiece
  • gearmotor including star-delta commutator of 4 KW, 400 V / 690 V 50 Hz.

Width between the partitions mm 0,50/0,75/1,00.
Entry body made in grey cast iron.

Separator for liquid slurry Model "ROTA 2000", fully made in stainless steel, with the following tecnica features:
Power required
1,5 Kw for the selecting drum and the squeezing rollers.

Height 1625 mm.
Large 2040 mm.
Lenght 1800 mm.
Selecting drum Ø 630 mm.
Round drilling mm. 1,5÷2÷2,5.
Chain control with rolls.
Squeezing rollers with special fiber reinforced rubber.

Regulating trough weithg with pressure spring.
Protection against foreign bodies with overload switches.

The removal of the solids is realized thanks to the selecting drum, made in stainless steel drilled sheet, which, if properly reinforced, it rotates with the help of three internal cylinders, covered with rubber with battute laterali in teflon. While the liquid part filters inside the roll through the holes of the drum and is collected in the lower hopper, from which it is transferred to the storage, the solid part stays on the external surface of the drum. Two special squeezing rollers, then, with adjustable strenght, squeeze the solid part to reduce its humidity and ensure a "dry" product, with a high percentage of dry matter. After this, a special steel blade removes the solid fraction from the drum, and by means of a conveyor, it can be delivered on a carrier, on a truck or let it fall directly on the storage platform underneath.

Separator with high capacity rolls, suitable also for thick liquid slurry and slurry with straw

The separation of the solid matter is one of the most used treatment as it ensure very good climatic advantages in the slurry treatment.

The separation solid-liquid consists of the elimination of the solid parts from the liquids; the result of this separation are two different stages, one essentially solid, which can be collected in a platform and a completely liquid part.
The management and environmental advantages are out standing, as the liquid fraction is characterized by:

  • easy management (less clogging and occlusions during the removal, the pumping, the pickup in the collection tank and the fertilizing irrigation);
  • good fluidization, for the adoption of equipment of lesser power, and for reaching a bettel mixing level, especially in large dimensions' tanks;
  • less nitrogen content, and, mosto f all, less phosphorus (increase of the volumes to give to cultivations);
  • sensible reduction of odours sent out during the storage and the distribution;
  • lower volume (lower storage capacity of the tanks);
  • reduction of the accumulation of dirty foliage in the distribution on the surface;
  • reduction of the NH3 emissions thanks to the faster infiltration in the soil's upper layer;
  • The solid fraction can be used as amendment or can be subjected, together with other products, to a composting process.

ROTA separators ensure a high production per hour, estreme liability during running, exceptional efficiency for the separation of the solid matters and they do not require special mainteinance. 
With the opportunity to install the separator on a truck, it is possible to use it in many farms, so to take advantage of the separation treatment even in small farms.