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Rota Guido has installed the first LIC 50 unit in Xianjanf Haozi farm in China


Rota Guido, in cooperation with Gokeagri LTD, its chinese distributor and technological partner, has completed the installation of the first unit of bedding composter machine LIC 50 in Haozi farm, China . This machine produce bedding compost by aerobic fermentation of the manure solid separated the bedding compost can be use in place of the bedding straw, and it is able to supply the same standard of comfort and hygiene. In this way, it is possible to respect the envinroment protection and the organic milk production commitments of the farm.

Rota Guido has installed, for aisles 130 mt long, 45 manure scrapers as well and Goke agri has supplied self propelled mixer wagon and 80 stalls rotary milking parlor.

The Haozi farm is located in Dongwanzhen, in Xinjiang region in west part of China close to Kazkhstan and Mongolia border. The region is very famous for its desert area and for the grape valley.

The farm center it has been located at 40 km from the nearest city and 50 km from the mountains, in a strategic area for the cultivation of corn, wheath and barley and feeds for cows.

The climate is particularly rigid during the winter with temperature close to -25 for two months

The farm will host 8000 dairy heads (dairy cows and replacement) and 2000 fattening heads. The dairy cows will be Simmenthal, which produce a more fat milk, suitable for yoghurt and organic milk

In the farm center will be built a modern dairy processing plant and a genetic research center, in cooperation with the agricoltural university of Beijing

In order to promote this important farm center Rota Guido and Gokeagri ltd are organizing a full month open day, in which to present their advanced technologies. Nowadays, they have received more than 500 confirmation visit from the most important Chinese dairy farm and agricultural organization.