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Daily newspaper “Libertà” of November 18th 2015


Being able to ensure the competitiveness of a farm means heaving an edge over in a market, that, as we see in these days, has been going through a difficult time. The key words that a company, working in the livestock breeding sector, must consider are: sustainability, wellness and reduction of production costs. Rota Guido company, specializing in livestock systems that exceed the simple concept of "barn", has been dealing with and solving these problems for years. It is known and appreciated far beyond the Italian and European borders. Infact, while the market has been growing with difficulty in Italy, the situation is different abroad: Rota Guido, thanks to its far-sightedness, was able to gather the signals of this growth and, thus, gain an important place. "In the Eastern Europe – the General Director of Rota Guido Giuseppe Volta explains – we are market leaders: Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia are among the countries where we have built extremely important livestock units. The same is for Kazakhstan and China. Very soon a big farm of one thousand dairy cows will be built in Kenya, as part of an integrated livestock operation (with barns for replacement and fattening, structures for feed production and storage, units for first milk and meat processing, energy production by a 1 MW biogas plant), realized by a group of Italian companies, led by Rota Guido”. Rota Guido gained this leading position after years of commitment and investment in new technologies, which have enabled the company to propose different solutions, depending on the Customer needs, but all with excellent standards. “We are growing – Mr. Volta goes on to say – despite the current international crisis, and already looking at the future: among our goals there is, for example, the realization of an air-conditioned barn, where external factors stop being crucial for the farmer”. But the real “revolution” in the barn design and management doesn’t stop here: it also includes the elimination of the costs to buy the straw. Rota Guido already realizes manure treatment systems, based on a separating and, subsequently, composting system for the solid fraction, and ensures the abatement of any pathogen, that can proliferate in a continuous cycle. A really low-cost solution, expecially if combined with the sewage treatment technology proposed by Rota Guido, that convert a part of sewage into whitewater: in other words, this is all that a farm needs to become more efficient and use its own resources in the best way.


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