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Rota Guido builds a biogas plant for Padre Pio charity

Rota Guido realizza impianto biogas per opera Padre Pio

A few months ago has been opened the biogas plant of house Sollievo della Sofferenza Opera Padre Pio made by the company Rota Guido Srl. The plant stands by the historical farm "Posta la Via" in S.Giovanni in Persiceto in the province of Foggia. The farm hosts about 400 milking cows and 180 fattening calves, generating livestock waste and buttermilk from the cheese factory included in the farm that allows the feeding of a biogas plant for the production of 100 kW of power, generating about 792.000 kW per year in 8000 working hours. The structure employs a circular digestor with diameter of 16 mt and height 6 mt, with a wood covering that assures the growth of the bacteria; the bacteria, blowing air from the outside, activate the processo f desulphurization with no need for additional substances.