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KENYA, Rota Guido and Sace export the dairy production chain.


During the National Day of Kenya at the Expo and the visit of the Kenyan President, Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta, SACE, Rota Guido company – acting as leader of a group of 11 Italian SMEs – Kerio Valley Development Authority and Moi University of Eldoret announced the ratification of a Memorandum of Understanding, committing them to develop a livestock project worth 25 million euro in Kenya. The agreement, signed in presence of the Kenyan President and the President of the Lombardia Region Roberto Maroni, includes the design, realization and supply of a turnkey farm, equipped with innovative technologies and completely self-sufficient from the energy point of you, which will be able to produce about 30 000 l of milk, 1.2 t of meat, 1 MW of energy from biomass, and more than 1.5 MW of energy from solar pannels per day. The order include the supply of all the machinery and the realization of all the activities, the farm needs to operate: from the supply of the machinery for soil treatment to the irrigation and cultivation systems, from the delivery of the livestock and the machinery for food to the storing and refrigerating systems, to the machinery for packaging the final products, from the installation of solar pannels to the supply of biomass energy production plants. The agreement includes also the transfering of know-how and a consultance and training service for Moi Univerisity, the most advanced livestock-farming-university in the country. Together with Rota Guido – a SME located near Piacenza, specializing in design and realization of livestock units and biogas plants – other 10 SMEs will take part in the project. Among them, in particular, there are Casella Macchine Agricole and Sivam Spa, both working on our territory

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