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A young highly qualified and motivated technical staff, equipped with the most advanced operating technologies, as well as the two production units of Fiorenzuola d'Arda and Corte de' Frati, a logistic base of Battipaglia (SA) and two Service unit of Marene (CN) and Manerbio (BS), together with various teams for installation and testing, allow Rota Guido to offer a steady support before and after sale. In fact, our loyal customers represent the most important advertising agents, both in animal husbandry and renewable energies fields.

ROTA GUIDO - Corte De Frati (CR)
ROTA GUIDO - Corte De Frati (CR)
ROTA GUIDO - Fiorenzuola d'Arda (PC)
ROTA GUIDO - Fiorenzuola d'Arda (PC)

With the new team and the Corte De' Frati production unit acquisition in the province of Cremona, in 1999 the Rota Guido national leadership in the areas of livestock breeding equipment, environment and renewable energies further strengthened.

The continuous and steady development of the Rota Guido company is also to be ascribed to the discreet and essential contribution of Mrs Maria Scapuzzi. She smartly headed  the company in the transition period after her housband's early loss, till when her son and daughter, Alberto and Francesca Rota became the current managers.


Thanks to the undisputed ownership and its co-workers' skills, Rota Guido soon gained the reputation as a reliable and excellent quality company.
The control of the whole production process, including the hot-galvanization treatment, has granted a product at the top of the standard, allowing to satisfy even the most important and demanding customers.




Rota Guido was founded in 1964 by the owner, bearing the same name of the company. Its location is Fiorenzuola d'Arda in the province of Piacenza, in the heart of the river Po plain, and the great passion for animals leads right away to the study, development and production of breeding technologies.

Every success takes its time to be achieved, but the quality of the time invested makes the difference.

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Certificate CISQ according to ISO 9001 n : 1541/98/S Obtained on 09/12/1998 from RINA S.p.A. Certif

For more than 50 years Rota Guido has been putting its services at disposal of animal husbandry and environment. Thanks to its great experience, gained both in national and international grounds, it can offer a quality service, safety and reliability.

By offering innovative solutions, aimed at sotisfying the animal welfare, Rota Guido represents the ideal partner for those, who want to invest in animal breeding sector.
Planning, development, production and installation processes are CISQ certificated, according to the rules ISO 9001.
Rota Guido adjusts projects and works execution to each customer's needs, by offering excellent quality products and services.

Headquarters of Fiorenzuola D'Arda (province of Piacenza) and Corte De' Frati (province of Cremona) employ 170 production units and cover an area of 25.000 sqm, 15.000 of which are covered for production purposes.
The recent launch of Rota Guido offices abroad has been gradually strengthening the ambitious process of internationalization, aimed to make Rota Guido not only a national but also international leader, in order to be able to proudly declare "Rota Guido, the best in Italy and in the world".


For more than fifty years quality as family tradition, meant to give full attention to the customer and his needs.

Rota Guido, the ideal partner in animal husbandry, environment and renewable energies.