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In the last years, the development of systems for the production of electrical energy based on the exploitation of renewable sources has been highly improved. Today, biogas is certainly one of the renewable sources with the highest remuneration.

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Integrated livestock operations

Complete livestock operations with every necessary structure for functional breeding, storage, feed preparation and proper management and exploitation of animals' dejections.

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Metallic structures

Prefabricated structures for animal husbandry, agriculture, food and industry…

Animal husbandry

Technologies for rational breeding of cows, buffalos, sheeps and goats, pigs …

Renewable Energies

Biomass plants: design, realization, biological and mechanical service


Rota Guido has been active in animal husbandry world over than 50 years. Its experience and its innovative technologies have always been aimed at the realization of modern and rational breeding farms, with particular attention to the animals' welfare.

Planning of barns, plants and livestock operations for cows, buffalos and more. Rota Guido offers a wide range of breeding equipment for pigs, sheeps and goats, poultry and rabbits. Its steel prefabricated metallic structures can be used also in agricultural, food farming and industrial sectors in general.

Finally, being a leader in the biogas sector, Rota Guido designs and builds plants for manure treatment and nitrogen reduction.